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Yesterday I went out to get bagels at my favourite bagel shop.  There used to be a lot more of them around, they are a franchise.  But they never had the franchisey feel.  Growing up, on Sunday mornings, usually after church, we would go to our local bagel place and we’d either eat in or get a dozen takeaway ones for Sunday brunch.  Our local one closed years ago and the closest one to my house is actually in another town.  But the nostalgia has me heading out there every so often for bagels. (more…)

Why I Love Basketball



When I was 14, my dad was hit head-on by a drunk driver. We were so very lucky; my dad survived the horrific crash. He suffered broken ribs, a cracked knee and a brain injury.

At 14, I didn’t fully understand the complexity of brain injuries. I didn’t realise how big of an impact this injury would have on my dad’s life, my mother’s life and the lives of me and my siblings. (more…)

Tunes Tuesday: Lesser Known Favourites

When I brought back Tunes Tuesdays, Wendy from and I got to talking about bands and musicians and how we’ve come to love some music that may not be as well known to other people.  Maybe they’re an international band, or an indie band or maybe they used to be a big deal, but aren’t on everyone’s must-listen playlist anymore.  This gave me a great idea to share some of the musicians, bands or songs that I have discovered by chance and absolutely love.  (more…)

What I Learned When I (Temporarily) Quit Twitter

I decided rather spontaneously to take a bit of a Twitter break to recharge after finishing Veda this year.  Because the break was something I decided to do five seconds before I did it, I hadn’t really thought about what, if anything, I’d learn from the whole experience but turns out there was a lot to learn.  So in no particular order, here’s what I learned from my brief break from Twitter: (more…)

Summer Tunes

If you’ve read this blog at all, followed me on Twitter or know me outside of the Interwebs, you’ll know that next to coffee and my dog, my third biggest obsession in life is music.  I like to make music, but I also love listening to it and pretty much always have music on in the background.  Because I’ve always had my own self-created life soundtracks due to this obsession, I end up with playlists that always remind me of a particular time in my life or a particular season.  These are the highlights of my Summer 2013 Soundtrack: