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Tunes Tuesday: GRAMMY 2014 Edition

The 2014 GRAMMYs took place this past Sunday.  I’m not really an awards show person.  Unless it’s the Tony Awards, and let’s be honest, I watch that because Neil Patrick Harris usually hosts it and he’s just pure talent.

I remember catching bits of the GRAMMYs last year and thinking that they were absolutely horrible. I might’ve snarkily even likened them to the MTV Awards (You know, the kind of quality show that makes twerking a thing).  This year’s GRAMMYs felt like an odd celebrity edition of Glee; lots of mashups, lots of dramatics. But it kinda worked for me.  (more…)

Tunes Tuesdays are back!

Tunes Tuesdays are back! And by back, I mean, I’ve been meaning to actually write something for my poor, neglected personal blog for a while, but I’ve been getting writer’s block. I’ve been doing some blog content for a few clients’ blogs and have been ignoring or having no creative energy left for my own blog. But Tunes Tuesday gives me something to write about, so it’s back for at least this Tuesday.

In the past, my Tunes Tuesdays have featured either a new band I’ve been obsessed with or a list of tunes I’ve been really into lately. For Christmas, I was spoiled with a lot of iTunes cards, so I’ve been on music overload lately and it’s been just fabulous. Here are some of my recent additions to my playlists: (more…)

Tunes Tuesday: Current Favs

It’s Tuesday and it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Tune Tuesday post…

Figured I would share some of my current favourite songs.

First tune may sound familiar to you if you watch the new TV show Partners.  This song is actually its theme song.  I love the composition and light feel of this song.  Imagine Dragons’ On Top of the World (You can find it on iTunes).



One of my favourite bands of all time is Evermore.  They’re a fantastic band from down under and I’ve been a fan of them for years.  Their single, Follow The Sun was release back in August.  I’ve been listening to this tune on YouTube a lot, because sadly, you can’t buy it on iTunes if you’re outside of Australia and NZ.  Despite my begging…


Lastly, this is an older song (think 2011), but one I’ve been listening to a lot.  GroupLove’s Tongue Tied.



What are your current favourite tunes?

Tunes Tuesday: The Cover Phenomenon

I’m not focusing on a band specifically for this Tunes Tuesday. I’ve been watching a lot of covers on YouTube lately, so that’s where I’m going with this today.

I want to start by saying that yes, not every musician out there appreciates it when someone else takes their song and puts their own spin on it.  And I get it. When you pour your life’s work into that to be noticed in the music industry and then some kid comes along and hits it big by going viral over night with your piece… I can see why some musicians get frustrated.

I also get song integrity and that sometimes people can miss the mark when they’re interpreting a piece of music.  But I think there’s nothing wrong with putting your own spin on things, as long as you’re respectful of the original song and the person or people that created it.

I think it speaks to the quality in the raw ingredients… of the integrity of the song itself… when someone else can come along and change it and have it work out so well.

Music, for me, has a lot to do with intepretation. I like to see other artist’s takes on the same song.  As long as they don’t completely ruin it.  Glee, I’m looking at you.

Anyway.  The YouTube Cover Phenomenon.  I like to see artists taking a chance and doing something a little different.  They can’t all be studio magic perfected Biebers and Perrys, right?

I could go on about what I mean, but I’d rather show you.  (You’ll notice it’s all the same song.  I did that on purpose):

Walk Off The Earth’s Loop Cover of Payphone:

I blogged about Walk Off The Earth before, but I have to say, I love their style and their sound. Unique instruments, unique sound. I’ve got a lot of love and respect for their talent.

Boyce Avenue’s Version of Payphone:

Boyce Avenue do a lot a great covers.  This one was an acoustic interpretation of the Maroon 5 song.  It’s a fairly straight acoustic, but slightly different take on the song.


Paradise Fears cover:


I like the vibe of this cover, fuller sound and proof that guitars make a good stand in for the drums.  Slightly different sound and again, it’s interesting.


What do you think about the YouTube Covers Phenomenon?  Who are your favourite cover artists?


Tunes Tuesday: The Early November

What is it they say about traditions?  If you do something more than once it becomes one?

This marks my second Tunes Tuesday post after Ten on Tuesday closed up shop, but I’m hesitant to call it a thing yet.  This week on Tunes Tuesday, I’d like to introduce you to the band The Early November:

They kind of found me, started following me on Twitter, so I decided to check them out.  Their sound reminds me a bit of the Australian/New Zealand band Evermore, but they’ve got a fresh spin on it.  They’re a departure from the more bare-bones, organic sounds I’ve been listening to lately, but worth a look.  My favourite tune by The Early November is Close to You:

Their album, In Currents, is out July 10th.  Check them out and let me know what you think.



Tunes Tuesday: Vol 1

Okay.  I’d like to put my geek hat on and talk about one of my most favourite things in the whole world; music.

I might do this on a regular-ish basis, but after my BEDJ fail, I’m hesitant to commit to anything.  Anyway.

I’ve often tried to describe what really grabs my attention about music.  I like the way songs are put together.  For me, the instruments,  the lyrics, the orchestration, the emotion all have to mesh together well for a song to work for me.  So while I appreciate the formulaic music brought to us by studio magic greats like the Biebs, Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen, they don’t earn the same kind of respect I have for musicians that are going to step out of the box and do something fun, quirky and different.

So I nearly jumped out of my chair, doing a happy dance (Sorry, coworkers!) when I stumbled upon, quite by accident, the band Walk off the Earth.  I was doing my usual listening to music on Youtube while I worked and discovered this video:


Different, right?  This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, Biebs, take note (Actually, don’t.  I don’t reckon you can pull it off).  Next, I watched their version of the Weeds’ Theme song Little Boxes;



If I wasn’t totally sold on them already, I visited their website and read up on them a bit… Turns out they’re a local band from nearby Burlington, Canada.  The thing I love about Walk off the Earth’s approach to music is that it’s fun, different and experimental.  They have a nice hook.  So check out their music, visit their YouTube Channel and hopefully they’ll inspire people to switch off the ol’ studio magic greats and see what real, organic music can sound like.

I’ll leave you with this last one, that makes me so happy to have stumbled across such an interesting band;