I’m with Garfield, Mondays suck.

Case of the mondays

Today was particularly bullshit and I’m already counting down the hours until Friday. When I have days like this, I have to work extra hard at not letting my anxiety and other demons win. The three things that got me through today are:

  1. Good friends
  2. Great music
  3. Coffee

How do you survive the crappy days?


This month, I’m participating in NABLOPOMO! So are some of my friends. Visit their blogs for more Nablopomoey goodness:

  • I survive the crappy days by a mixture of long runs and a stiff drink. Though not on the same crappy day. I’m still learning the right balance for me of taking it easy from some TLC or pushing myself to get the endorphins I most likely need. I also indulge in phone calls with friends when we can schedule it.