I’m always looking for things to encourage me to ost on a more regular basis, because I find that once I start posting more regularly, it gets easier.  That was my hope with Ten on Tuesdays and now with Wine & Love.

Wine and love was originally by Walking With Nora, but as of this week, will now be hosted by Suki. The concept is simple – each Thursday you post about what’s making you reach for the wine glass and what you’re loving.



  • Work.  I won’t go into specifics, but it’s busy and we don’t have the capacity to manage everything we’re trying to do.  I’m feeling overworked and under-appreciated.
  • Anxiety: My stress is boiling over into full out anxiety a little too often.  Last night, full blown anxiety attack.  I haven’t had one nearly that bad since Australia.  I’m not impressed.
  • School! I usually love school, but this time it’s been hard to manage the teacher’s expectations and have her understand that we have lives outside of school.  I even had the instructor send me a snarky message about how much time I’m investing in the course.  That has never happened to me in my years of post-secondary education.



  • I scored 100% on my test last night after my teacher told me I sucked.  That felt pretty good.  I like proving people wrong.
  • Work placement: My little safe haven of awesomeness.  I get to experience a new work environment and it’s something new each day.  I love, love, love it.
  • Spring-like weather: Feels so good to have the sun on my face and to leave work before it’s dark.  Nicer to play with the puppy outside in weather like this.  I’m so glad the days are getting longer.


I’m sure there are other things going on that could be added to either list, but nothing I can remember at this point.

What are your wine & loves this week?

  • Tom

    Way to show the Prof! I may need to pick up this Wine & Love thing myself. Ten on Tuesday seems geared a little more towards women. 😛

    Hope your week gets lots better, GFM. You can do it. Just half a day more at work, and then placement.

    • Ten on Tuesday is fun too! 😛

      • GFM

        It totes is! I don’t always do it, but… I find it’s good to get me posting.

    • GFM

      Thanks, Tom!

  • yay glad you could join in! i updated the linking mechanism at the bottom of my post, so link up. 🙂 let me know if it doesn’t work!

    • GFM

      It worked, it worked! I’m so glad you’re keeping Wine and Love up. I loved reading the posts from before. 🙂

  • Love that you are doing this!! Your teacher can suck it! Yes, school is important, but you are right, people have lives and other stuff! I’m sorry that anxiety is being so mean right now. I wish I could make it go away 🙁 I love you so much <3

    • GFM

      Haha, I thought the same thing when I saw my grade. 😉 She even said to me in the email ‘You’d be more successful in the course if you dedicated more time to it.’

      Uhhh, more successful than 100% lady? haha 😉

      I do Ten on Tuesday from time to time. It is fun.

      Love your face!